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Ferrante & Koenig Case Results

Disclaimer: Prior outcomes do not guarantee future results.


For client who was injured during construction when he was struck by falling debris. During a demolition project, the plaintiff was tasked with removing a large window from an exterior wall. The top of the window stood approximately 10 feet off of the ground. The plaintiff was not provided with an elevated working platform and instructed to stretch a pry bar over his head in an attempt to pry the window out of the wall. As he stretched to pry overhead, the top of the window casement became dislodged and fell from a height of 10 feet, striking the plaintiff and propelling him to the ground.

$1,500,000.00 Mediated Settlement

In one recent case, our lawyers mediated a hard-fought settlement and secured $1.5 million for a 40-year-old client who fell 10 feet off of a ladder. The fall caused our client serious lower back injuries that eventually led to lumbar fusion surgery approximately 10 years later.

$825,000.00 Settlement 

We represented a 32-year-old electrician who suffered severe neck injuries after falling from a ladder when installing cable in a Manhattan high-rise building. Our client’s neck injuries and herniated discs were so serious that he must live with debilitating pain characterized by a burning sensation in the extremities. Consequently, he must follow a course of pain management for the remainder of his life. We obtained justice for our client in the form of an $825,000 settlement.


For client engaged in construction renovation and suffered eye injury due to inadequate eye protection. Defendant failed to provide any eye protection during a renovation project. As the plaintiff was removing a nail from a wall, the nail became dislodged and struck his eye, causing a significant eye injury


For client who fell from ladder during construction work suffering a broken wrist requiring surgery. Plaintiff, an electrician, was required to use a drill while standing on an open A-frame ladder. As the plaintiff pushed the drill toward the wall and began drilling, the ladder became unstable and shifted, propelling the plaintiff to the ground. He landed on his wrist causing an immediate fracture. The plaintiff underwent an open reduction internal fixation surgery and missed a few months from work thereafter while attending physical therapy. Ultimately, the plaintiff returned to full-duty work.